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Do me a favor and put your lips around it?

Best part about a short dress is easy access. Make it hard f..

Give me a hand please? 😌

Your date pulls this out, what are you doing? 😈

I will no longer be post on here thank you so much for the s..

Assume the position 🫡 (you on all fours)

Valentines Day is coming up!! Come get your present 🎁 😋😙 I h..

I need someone on their knees giving me their full attention..

Lazy night at home 😋🤭

Happy New Year! 😉what’s your resolution?

I have time to travel in the beginning of December, who woul..

If I moved in next door to you, what’s the first thing you’r..

“I put your toothbrush by the sink” 😋

Shame on you for making me do this by myself 👿 💦

Some bulge for your Sunday 💚

Saturday night suck? 😝

I brought you a surprise 😌*SLAP*😋

I was too thick to fuck myself so I had to get a toy out 😋😌

You look like you could use a facial 😉😏

Play time 😈

Like if you’ve already failed 😨 😈

Nut-flix and chill anyone? 😌

Broke the Nutvember seal 🥴💦

This is one of the only time you’ll see me wearing panties 😈

Lacy oh lacy, dick drives me crazy….or whatever Olivia rodri..

In honor of No-Nut November I will be posting every day this..

💜 😈

Happy Halloween! 🎃🦁 PS if I do it in my costume today does t..

Suck it Sunday! You know the drill 😛

“Go f*ck yourself” okay, I’ll try 😋

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was 😋🫣

Thirsty Thursday! And I have the perfect thirst quencher😉


Is my dress see-through? 🤭

Too hot to wear anything but dresses 😂🥲 if you see me hangin..


My eyes are up here 😏😋😉

Some days its begging at the seams to get out of my underwea..

Slip into something more comfortable? 😛

I’m getting sick of you not being on your knees in front of ..

Ruined my skirt 🥺😢 but it was a lot of fun 😉 now it gets ret..

Suck it from the back? 😇🥹

Let’s start the weekend off the right way 😉 bend over 😋

Lady tripod at your service🫡😉


Is your week starting out as hard as mine? 😉

It’s sunday bun-day! Spread ‘em!

Tell me your biggest fantasy! 😈🖤

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