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What could possibly be better than a classic mirror selfie?

How do you practice self-care?

feeling hot and bothered

How do you like my bush?

Your face looked like a nice seat.

How do you feel about age gaps in partners?

When was the last time you had the feeling of butterflies in..

Listening to oldies and feeling nostalgic

🎶 as long as you love me 🎵

I like watching my own videos sometimes and getting myself o..

A hairy pussy can improve the gloomiest of days.

Would you rather… Cum on the bush or in the pussy?

Hi, just trying to brighten your feed a little.

Kiss everywhere you see pink.

Would we fuck on our first date?

I don’t wear panties on first dates.

my favourite color to wear is blue

This muff is a hairy one.

A little bush never caused any harm… 😋

say, “ahhhh”

Who ordered boobs with a side of bush?

A hairy pussy is a fine delicacy.

It’s such a treat when I discover a bush on a beautiful woma..

Any specialist carpet cleaners in here lol?

Eat me like you don’t mind that I’m hairy as fuck

Would you fuck my hairy pussy if I asked you very nicely?

I’m tastier than your favorite candy. 🍭

Me or apple pie for dessert…? You choose.

When her lips are furry, you just know it’s going to be a de..

Is there a surprise better than discovering a bush on an att..

You can thank my parents for these genes.

My pussy exists only to have your face buried in it 😛

Blue is my favorite color these days, I think

Nature never goes out of style.

a lovely view for a lovely day

I’d love to be your play thing.

Milky and soft

It’s Titty Tuesday and I almost forgot.

My fingers and toes are always the first to feel freezing! 🥶

Say “Ahh” and stick out your tongue

I wish humans could exist with peace and harmony.

What are your next travel plans?

I’m going to try a new recipe for dinner tonight… I just h..

hey, it’s 4/20 for those of you who celebrate 😉

Being an academic has its perks but DAMN I need a vacation h..

Served myself a cup of tea and getting settled in with a ple..

I’m nose deep in textbooks these days.

I need a massage.

Now, eat.

My favorite cafe has a new strawberry drink and OMG it’s so ..

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