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The movie Poor Things has already garnered so many awards an..

Imagine a little role-playing game where I’ll be the playful..

I’m in the mood to indulge in some interesting dish today…..

I want to feed you fruit and listen to how your day went…a..

May my captivating gaze always be in your heart🥰

It’s always about the details, the sensual, the hot ones tha..

Just imagine me feeding you grapes, you massaging my feet, a..

My sweet girl @nina.doll.ts.🥰 Happy birthday to Argentina’s ..

I have incredible admiration for the skill of the photograph..

Enjoying this day, the fresh air and your texts…want to ex..

✨This delicate, just marshmallowy image…light and magical…

Good morning😇 So nice to start it off with a workout, how di..

Yes, yes, I love showing you the possibilities of my body an..

I’m willing to give you some yoga classes too, I think coupl..

Help me a little with the flexing while stretching…I think..

Love these perfect photos in the morning, with beautiful lig..

Would you like to spend the day with me by the pool, in a co..

Your baby Ruby reminds you of her hot video in the pinned po..

After a hot shower my body is asking for a fragrant lotion a..

I’m waiting for you at my DM💋😉

Can you resist those gorgeous long legs?🖤 I think the answer..

Sometimes I like to wake up early, make breakfast and enjoy ..

Just because the weekend is coming to an end doesn’t mean we..

I want to be your sunshine that dazzles you with its beauty☀..

And then there are the selfies for you, my darling. You like..

Let’s have a great day today and spend it especially hot, pa..

Time for a Friday night party…. with you🔥 Text me and we’l..

A little workout this morning for good measure. Filled with ..

Bold and hot, that’s all about me, baby!🔥 I’d be interested ..

Sometimes you want lightness and freshness. And fruit salad ..

Ready to conquer the world and give a little beauty. Do you ..

This. Crazy. Hot. Really?🔥 I absolutely love this set and I’..

I love a good cup of coffee. It is very important to me that..

I had an interesting thought that we could get stuck in an e..

“Elegance is like music. If you only listen to classical mus..

This is me reminding you of love and my beautiful anchored p..

An easy and pleasant day that you can spend at home, take yo..

After all, it’s true that black suits me insanely well, it a..

I think you just need to explore all my tattoos…start at t..

It takes a little dressing up to make an ordinary day specia..

In my world, the holidays don’t end so quickly, so you can s..

Why don’t we plan something fun for the two of us tonight? I..

It’s always about the details🖤

And so, my favorites, congratulations to everyone on the mos..

I want you to dream the most incredible dreams in my bed, un..

What are your favorite gifts to get for Valentine’s Day?🖤

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