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baby say “aah” 🍔

cuddle n’ rail? 🥰

would you like your woman to be in control?

would you catch this kiss? 🥰

guess where I’m heading to

I’m feeling cold, will you keep me warm?

not used to wearing lingerie, do I look good in it? 🥰

hi can I take your order? 😘

wwyd if you saw me in the gym?

guess what I’m playin’ tonight 😉

would you touch the bunny? 🐰

guess what I did earlier

would you order me if I were on the menu? 🤔

on a scale of 1-10 how badly do you want me as your virtual ..

suggest a cardio workout for tonight 😉

If I were a dessert, what would I be? 🍰

how’s your Friday night going?

do I look naughty or adorable? 🤭

suggest my next bikini 👙

wanna start your year with a blast? 💦

if you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be..

say hey if you wanna unwrap my holiday suit 🙈

do you think I should also do ahegao?

rate my PJs

will you bring my defense matrix down? 🔫

are you ready for your weekly “examination”?

can you guess what makes me happy?

what’s on your wish list? 💕

wanna have a pretty loud discussion in my room? 👀

are you still considering NNN after seeing this? 😈

should I wear red more often? 🤭

if you could choose one superpower to win me, what would it ..

can I drive your stick shift? 😉

wanna know how stretchable I am?

can I hold your syringe sir? 💉💦

what do you wanna do with me tonight? 😉

are you ready for a web-slinging action? 🕸

🍑 or 🍒?

wanna see me dance?

will you let me save you? 😉

can I be your valorant kitten?

do you like the view baby?

do I deserve a cuddle today?

would you make my melons your personal squeeze ball?

excuse me, can I take a seat?

wwyd if I was on your team?

would you watch anime with me?

am I edible? 😉

If you can only choose one spot for you to shoot your 💦 at, ..

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