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Waiting for you ❤️❤️

Only you know what I need 🙈🥰🥰

Happy durga puja to everyone.. I miss you all.. will be bac..

Heya guys I miss you. Havnt been able to come online much bu..

Back after a long time 💙💙

Tanned and dirty af…but what would we do in a place like t..

Shopping time 🥰

Wine , bath and naughty memories 😝🥰

Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳 ❤️

Good morning guys… loving your compliments and I want more..

Heya guys.. Back on OF after a while…hope you missed me 🙈…

Happy friendship day guys ❤️ Watch out … I ll be live in a..

Heya guys! Vacation time starts this Saturday 💃💃 Watch me tr..

Thiland trip next week yayyyyy

Being a good girl 🙈😇

Good enough for you? 😇🥰

Job hunting these days. Do you think I look interview ready?..

When are we going out shopping ? 🥺

Shopping 🥰🥰

Thought I ll get a temporary tattoo 😘

Dolled up for you 🥰🥰

Just need some attention ☺️

Saturday morning energy 🥰🥰 Thinking of going live for a bit ..

Hey guys. I am back after a long break ❤️❤️ Lets do this one..

This is why I was missing for OF for a while. 🥰🥰 Tell me you..

Hi from Dubai ❤️❤️

Heya guys ❤️ I have so not been able to come online recently..

Meaw ❤️

I ll send a nice pic to everyone who comments on my post tod..

Give me some ideas guys about the new year… pretty sad I c..

Merry Christmas everyone.. I so want to do a nice theme sho..

What a match yesterday night ⚽️🇦🇷⚽️

Heya guys… back after a long time ❤️

Hey you ❤️

This saree for my wedding anniversary? What do you think guy..

Can I pleaseee be lazy on Sunday.. specially after the spec..

Dressed up for dinner ❤️❤️

I am such a sucker for compliments 😀🙈.

India is not in the world cup finals 😓 But the neighbours ar..

Cute maid anyone? 😝🙈

My photoshoot starts in about two hours. Hope to see you guy..

What a nice relaxing Sunday morning ❤️

Hey guys! Omg I have next 3 days holidays 💃💃 Want wait to cl..

Ready for the day 🥰

Tried to be bitchy but ended up being cute 😅 how do you like..

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