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Good morning, sunshine ?

Catch me under the Christmas tree like… ?

My eyes are up here ?? My neck is feeling better (from the ..

Time to find out who has been naughty ?

Bow before your kitty Queen. ? Just ONE more spoiler for th..

Embracing my curly hair lately ? ALMOST DECEMBER. Wewp. H..

Happy Thanksgiving ? This year was a doozy. Not to be mel..

This makeup makes me feel like a queen (✿◡‿◡)

I want to be laying in bed all day… Buuuuuut I’m editing p..

Your kitten demands milk. ?? Another SPOILER FOR THIS MONTH..

Mods are asleep ? No one to stop me from posting my butt ?

Won’t you Slytherin to bed with me? ??

I call this, “If I show cleavage, they won’t notice I’m wear..

????? ℕ??ℕ ????? ?ℕ?? ????? [..

It’s just Kool-aid. I promise. ?

Just tell them that the Devil made you do it… ?? I should..

In honor of Georgia going blue ?… ..

Goodnight ♥ Stay hydrated. Don’t forget to eat your vegetab..

Hey ? Edit: Dunno why it’s lower res. Apologies! Still like..

I’m ready for Santa – ?

Hey. Happy Halloween. It’s my 9 year p..

Happy Halloween! As promised here is the Beetlejuice set Uw..

Waiting for you to say my name 3 times… ? HAPPY HALLOWE..

You summoned me? ? A facepaint I did a couple years ago tha..

hEY Posting this cause I’m live on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/po..

Have a killer day ?

Harleeeeewd Quinn for Hallewdween. I usually don’t post set..

Who wants to be my Frankenstein?

“They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them bec..

Good morning. This is my sleepy face. Hah. Stayed up A BIT ..

“I love him not for the way he silenced my demons, but for t..

I heard you were looking for the good witch… that’s too ba..

How it started vs how it’s going… Been having fun doing m..

I’m actually Skeletor ? The FIRST of my Halloween inspired ..

WEDNESDAY! Of course I did some lewds of Wednesday. Always ..


It’s national boyfriend day, apparently. I’m single… Anyo..

Happy Halloween (month). I know it’s Thursday, but it feels..

hEy I have neon hair now ?

Is it too early for sweater season? ?

Happy Bi Visability Day ? My name is Hillary and I am bi-sex..

Trying not to let body dysmorphia win today ?

Hey thanks for the 5k followers on here! I’ll be posting mo..

I redecorated my room 🙂

Neighbors won’t stop stomping around like elephants. Feelin..

Maybe I should make a set out of this one day ?

Back to my old self ?

Seen a lot of women on Twitter complaining about getting clo..

Did somebody say ‘Halloween month’ is starting early? Joker..

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