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Reposting from twitter for the people who don’t follow me~ “..

Sorry for all the story spam as i’m trying to build my faq ~..

just reposting these here since twitter marked it as sensiti..

Fishnet dress? :3c?

Happy Sunday!! It started snowing here !! That means never l..

Being a kunoichi is hard work! Even Yuzuriha’s gotta take a ..

Happy Thanksgiving yall :3 ‘ll be spending my day eating mid..

Good morning!! 1k follows?? It’s been fun getting dressed up..

hehe sorry nothing new just yet but wow here’s some blasts f..

Happy Saturday :3 hope this makes ur night better ^-^

I’m just as cute when I’m dressed all cozy, right? :3

Bounty hunting has been slow lately πŸ’€πŸ’€

I’d lose to chun li on purpose too πŸ™‚

Soul succ time :3

Does my ass look better in πŸ–€ or πŸ’—?

which should be my first cosplay set i release :3

i gotta stop drying all my clothes on high heat 😳 πŸ’•On a sid..

ok did it work



if u see me posting 5 times in 10 mins no u didnt (im trying..

thx for being patient and following while i figure this shit..

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