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due to personal reasons, I’ve decided to be in my hot girl e..

date night 🍷 (the date is between me and the steak I ordere..

maybe I’d feel better with you between my thighs for a coupl..

it’s not a thirst trap i just look like that πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

no panties… *dripping wet*… **normally $200** but it’s b..

1, 2, or 3, who gets to cuddle with you in bed? πŸ˜‰

Apparently there are ***29*** days in February this year, so..

I need a bf B – billion F – fcking acre beet farm 🌱🚜

✨🧁 Birthday Girl 🧁✨

Happy Valentine’s πŸ’˜

**dear diary πŸ“–** my dance style ranges anywhere from dad at ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– sometimes you just gotta put your hand up y..

**dear diary** πŸ“– how do I hack my brain into having sex drea..

No one has ever bought me flowers for Valentine’s Day πŸ₯Ί Will..

**dear diary** πŸ“– if you wear cowboy clothes… are you ranc..

Gifting you bare Valentine’s titties! 🌹 ***500% OFF*** for t..

I’m gonna be the best Valentine’s present you’ll ever receiv..

**dear diary** πŸ“– I love a touchy feely man tbh like yes plea..

**dear diary** πŸ“– none of these bikinis are small enough πŸ˜’ ju..

**dear diary** πŸ“– i’m still sitting here. unkissed. when will..

**dear diary** πŸ“– my newest kink is doing some extreme cornba..

**dear diary** πŸ“– depressed and sad but still wanna brighten ..

I’m mailing out special Valentine’s Day cards to my lovely f..

**dear diary** πŸ“– do not challenge me to watch 9 years worth ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– need a man who likes calling me a good girl..

**dear diary** πŸ“– don’t tell anyone but his girlfriend keeps ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– with great tits comes great responsibility

### πŸ’ **Valentine’s Special:** ***$50 VIP PASS*** πŸ’ ˚ **Tip ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– didn’t break the cycle today. the loop will..

**dear diary** πŸ“– the hottest thing a man can be is a little ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– *”housewife who acts surprised when the pol..

**dear diary** πŸ“– men shorter than 5’10 are so cute like you ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– does it still count as a “slut era” if i’m ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– mini skirts are so fun it’s like *oops* my ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– i have recently discovered that during ovul..

**dear diary** πŸ“– never arguing with a man with a fat ass aga..

**dear diary** πŸ“– my intrusive thoughts? chronic. but this as..

**dear diary** πŸ“– what’s the point of having a boyfriend if h..

**dear diary** πŸ“– had to get rid of half my bras today cause ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– so there i was, vegemite on my tittiesβ€”

**dear diary** πŸ“– i can’t believe it’s been a year since i di..

New Year’s Eve means you have less than 24 hours to confess ..

**dear diary** πŸ“– i saw the most amazing sunset while cycling..

**dear diary** πŸ“– they say you should dress for the job you w..

# πŸ“’ **LIVESTREAM ANNOUNCEMENT** ❗️❗️❗️❗️ ˚ Mark your calenda..

**dear diary** πŸ“– got mistaken for Steve Irwin again. 🐊

**dear diary** πŸ“– Despite the endless horrors, I woke up sexy..

**dear diary** πŸ“– just cried for 3 hours straight after watch..

Merry Christmas to all my favourite boys πŸŽ„πŸ’

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