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Come and feel how soft I’m

Today I went to a restaurant and the chairs had armrests and..

Pajama Sunday all day

Your gf calls you after a rough day

POV your ssbbw girlfriend calls you on a video call after a ..

Choosing my ootd

I know you want to feel how soft I’m


Do you want some milk? 🥺

I had to delete the last part 🤮 bc of the terms of OF 🙁 but..

Thinking on you

NEW INSTAGRAM @bbw.jazz ig got my account down 🙁

Let’s shower together

Hey guyssss I’m sick 🤧😩

My belly is lower everyday

I don’t know how much longer my toilet will hold up 🫣

I like the way my belly jiggles when I go over a bump

Belly drop in a chair + fat chat

I love how my boobs look with oil

A little dance before taking a shower

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